The Doula

Hello Birthing Boos! My name is Monica Miller and I am the owner of Mindful Maternity Support Services, LLC.  I have a deep passion for childbirth after my own birth experiences.  As the mother of two children, I have had two drastically different birth experiences.  One involved a lot of medical interventions and then a lot of questions when it was over and the other was a holistic supportive environment with my husband, doula, and midwife to get me through.  There are many ways to bring a baby into this world and my goal is to help you on this journey.  

A Doula is a trained nonmedical birth worker that provides emotional, physical, and informational support to a pregnant person before, during, and after birth.  History shows that early births were surrounded by other women that provided emotional and physical support while in labor.  Whether this is your first baby or your 15th baby I can help make your birth experience better.  As your doula, my goal would be to support you through a childbirth that will leave you feeling confident and ready to embark into parenting.  

In addition to being able to service you during childbirth, I also offer limited postpartum services.  I am a professional counselor and hold 2 Master Degrees.  I specialize in mindfulness and holistic pain management alternatives to medical pain management.  Mindful Maternity Support Services are provided in the Chicagoland area.  My practice revolves around my desire to educate those in birth about the cycle of medical interventions that lead to unnecessary and overused cesarean sections.  Overall, I want you to enter into birth informed and prepared to make decisions that may arise during birth.  I am a DONA International trained Birth and Postpartum Doula that is here to help you.