Emotional Benefits

  • Doulas nurture and support families before, during, and after giving birth
  • Women that have a Birth Doula overall rate their birth experience as being more positive
  • Doulas allow birthing partners to feel more included in the birth experience 
  • If a medical intervention becomes necessary Doulas provide nurturing support to the mom and birth partner as needed

Physical Benefits

  • Hands-on comfort measures help ease discomfort during labor and allows birth partners a chance to get involved if desired
  • Doulas have helped malpositioned babies reposition themselves
  • When a mom is at ease in birth her body and hormones cooperate better
  • The rest is a thing called “Doula Magic” you just have to experience for yourself

Clinical Benefits

Using a Birth Doula makes you

  • Less likely to need Pitocin
  • Less likely to have a Cesarean
  • Less likely to use any pain medication